Blackworks draws its inspiration from the rich history of blackworks tattoo style. While the art is ancient, artists have kept it consistently new and modern.

Our mission at Blackworks is to engineer high performance products that elevate the art of grooming.

Blackworks was developed to offer groomers, products and tools that are technically advanced and beautifully designed. Blackworks pledges to be true to our mission to engineer high performance products that elevate the art of grooming. Groomers can expect premium products that reflect their unique passion & style.

Blackworks was created by the same innovators that developed ComfortGroom. The ComfortGroom brand is well known and respected for exceptional quality pet grooming equipment. With the desire to add elevated style, high-quality materials and continual innovation, Blackworks was born.

Like art itself, Blackworks grooming strives to constantly innovate & create.

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Meet the original photoshoot model team for Blackworks

All of our models are real, experienced groomers. We pride ourselves on authenticity. Get to know each of them below!

Christine Keessee

Christine Keessee @christinekeeseegrooming

With over a decade of experience in the pet grooming world, Christine has learned that the atmosphere you provide for the dogs is just as, if not more, important as the perfect haircut. Focusing on building loving relationships with each individual dog, and taking extra care for seniors, special needs, and pups who may have been given a less-than-pleasant experience in the past, her favorite part of the groom is building trust and teaching them that it doesn’t have to be a scary experience. She’s also shifted her focus to volunteering her grooming and dedicating time to rescue dogs.

Delving into creative grooming, Christine has spent years studying, both under mentors and self-learning whilst working alongside groomers such as Jess Rona, to perfect colour application and Asian fusion style trims. She prides herself on her excellent prep work, and nothing makes her happier than getting to do her trademark “Aloha” tail on her wagging friends.

Having appeared on and/or assisted in work on projects such as Katy Perry music videos, Animal Planet’s “Great American Groom Along”, HBO’s “Haute Dog”, and Netflix’s “Pet Stars,” Christine strives to change the way grooming is perceived, combining fashion with compassion in the most humane and loving ways possible.

Christine splits her time in Los Angeles, California with her husband, rescue Pitbull Zoe, Shihtzu Jasper, and in Italy. She has multiple music projects, is planning a book for the future, and has her heart set on building an animal sanctuary and foundation in her late mother’s name.

Jasmine Monét

Jasmine Monét @groomedwithaloha

Jasmine is an energy-based groomer and have been grooming for 4 years. She has a passion for large breeds, but she also loves Miniature Pinchers! Everything she does is based on working with the dog not against them. She says, “Dogs, much like us, have good days and bad days.”

Jasmine caters her energy to help puppies calm down, seniors find comfort, and large breeds with groom training. She focuses on a positive grooming experience with a more one on one approach and slows down the process to provide positive reinforcement throughout a pups visit. Jasmine is also a 2021-2022 Ryan’s Pet Supplies Brand Ambassador.

Juanita Harris

Juanita Harris @groomingbyjuanita

Juanita is the owner of Grooming by Juanita; a cage free, one on one salon located in Pennsylvania. Juanita has been in the Pet Industry since 2011 after a lengthy background in Marketing and Sales. She adores all dogs (no matter how large or small) and takes pride in giving quality grooming every one of them with a loving and caring approach. During her career, Juanita learned with hands-on training under seasoned groomers as well as from time in corporate training in New York City. She also studies media and marketing in her spare time. Juanita stays up to date with grooming trends, products, and technology by continuing education, creating content as well as networking with other groomers worldwide.

Juanita takes great pride in her work and is a ‘quality over quantity’ groomer. She believes a big part of being a professional groomer is knowing your clients and dogs; that can help us all build successful and consistent businesses. Juanita is a believer that there is always something new to learn! She will be joining the Blackworks team as a Brand Marketing Manager!

Rachel Colant

Rachel Colant @rachelcolantgrooming

Rachel Colant is an award-winning second-generation dog groomer with over eleven years of experience. She put her stamp on the grooming industry as the go-to drop coat specialist and has become known for the cutest Yorkies in all the land. Her passion for education has led her to the coveted position of lead groomer at Jess Rona Grooming in Los Angeles where she oversees competition level grooming on every dog, every day. Her ultimate goal is to continue to elevate the industry through education and her signature gentle grooming techniques.

Tasha Torres

Tasha Torres @alienpups

Tasha is the salon manager at Sweet Pea Grooming, located in San Diego, California. In 2014, Tasha started her journey in the grooming industry as a bather and quickly fell in love with the craft. Although she mostly grooms poodle mixes, she loves every dog she meets! Before starting at Sweet Pea Grooming, Tasha ran a house-call grooming business called Alien Pups and won Best Groomer in San Diego 2020 by the San Diego Reader.

Tasha was that kid in school that was obsessed with dogs- who everyone thought was weird. Luckily, she found an environment that truly understands that obsession. Getting to combine art and dogs, two things she has always loved. When Tasha has spare time, she loves to knit and crochet all sorts of things- mostly blankets her dogs take over. Tasha believes it’s important to not only constantly grow as a person but to grow in your work. Always looking for ways to improve her grooming skills, she loves working with others to learn new techniques. Tasha is also a Brand Ambassador for 2021-2022 at Ryan’s Pet Supplies.

Tessa Koenig

Tessa Koenig @sweetpeagrooming

Tessa Koenig is the owner of Sweet Pea Grooming in San Diego, California. She started her grooming career in 2015 and it wasn’t long before she realized that she had found a lifelong career. A few years later in 2018 she opened Sweet Pea Grooming. After some years solo hired on a friend, she made off Instagram, Tasha Torres. They hit it off from the beginning and have formed a great team at the salon.

Tessa believes ongoing education is crucial to continuous growth and has attended numerous seminars, trade shows, hands on classes and is currently working towards IPG certification with the goal of eventually obtaining a Master Groomer certification. Aside from work, Tessa enjoys making awesome memories with her kids, dog, friends, and family. Tessa is also a Brand Ambassador for Ryan’s Pet Supplies for 2021-2022.

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